Don’t Forget Your Waitstaff

July 16 2012 – Robert Fiumara

We talk a lot about the “big dogs” of the culinary profession.  Chefs and sou chefs take focus because we see them as the culinary masters in the kitchen.  And when it comes to food preparation, they are certainly that, but the kitchen is not the only part of a restaurant that needs to have professional, well-trained, and smartly dressed employees.

There are three parts to owning a restaurant; the business of administration, paperwork and financials, the kitchen and the dining room.  In order to have a successful restaurant, these things should work together like a powerhouse machine.  It is important to make sure that there is not one aspect that is neglected or that receives less attention than the others.  A lot of the time that isn’t the case.

An area that is often overlooked in a restaurant is the dining room.  By this, I’m referring to the waitstaff in particular.  Being a server is not an easy job. It is physically and emotionally demanding, particularly if you work in fine dining or a restaurant that specializes in children. As a server you are expected to be on your feet for 8-16 hours a day (those double shifts are a killer), carry heavily laden trays back and forth from the kitchen to the table, handle customer interactions of all times and do it with a smile and a skip in their step. 

Keeping that skip lively is hard to do if you don’t have appropriate footwear, not to mention the safety hazards of slippery soles.  Fiumara Apparel offers the best in culinary apparel footwear and it’s not just for kitchen staff! Bragard, one of the best in culinary apparel has made the Marcoule Chef Shoes.  The non-slip, reinforced toe extra padded shoes are perfect for being on your feet all day!  The flat black finish will work perfectly with any service uniform and will allow your waitstaff to feel professional and will keep them at their best.

Making sure that your waitstaff is comfortable AND professional is something that all restaurants should strive for.  While Fiumara Apparel caters to the needs of culinary professionals, many of our incredible items are also perfect for any waitstaff or catering event staff. From head to toe we can help you dress your staff to be prepared for any event you throw their way.

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