Dressing the Part

June 29 2012 – Robert Fiumara

The culinary industry is an exciting, fast-paced industry that continues to grow year after year. As general consumers become more aware of the food they eat, where it comes from and the skill with which it is prepared, cooking techniques both traditional and experimental are coming to the forefront of media attention.  Many chefs attaining a status that has, in the past, been reserved for the likes of movie celebrities.

World class chefs have restaurant premieres and their red carpets are as star-studded as those commonly seen at large Hollywood events like the Oscars or the Tony awards. Eating has always been a favorite human past time, but now it is reaching a cultural level of elegant indulgence that has not been celebrated for centuries.

Along with this spotlight for the cuisine, the creators of these mouth-watering delicacies are being held to the same Paparazzo standards as television and film stars.  Their lives have become a voyeuristic spread on the front page of tabloid covers, everything from their food to how they look walking down the street.  Because of this, chefs are more aware of their appearance than ever.  It has become more than just a desire to appear professional and serious about their craft.  It has become the standard to move toward a more fashion forward way of thinking about the culinary arts.

Working in a kitchen where the stress is high and heat even higher, comfort has long been a major concern.  Now, however, it is also important to make sure that a chef and his or her team look the part.  Design is just as important as function in today’s industry.

A lot of culinary apparel companies are realizing this and are adjusting their designs to meet the needs of today’s top chefs.  Fiumara Apparel has had the incredible opportunity to be able to work with these companies to present to you some of the latest items that focus on both the comfort of modern chefs as well as maintaining the professional style.

We’ve launched quite a few new items the last week, so check out some of the sleek pieces that are sure to please any perfectionist in the kitchen.  If you want to integrate some classic style to your chef‘s uniform, the classic French aesthetic found in the the new Marlo Chef Jacket by Bragard is for you: http://fiumaraapparel.com/products/marlo-chef-jacket. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, you should try the Tom Chef Jacket on for size: http://fiumaraapparel.com/products/tom-chef-acket.

It’s not just the jackets that are making waves.  Chefs everywhere want to make sure that they look the part from head to toe.  Dress the part in upscale culinary pants like these black chef pants: http://fiumaraapparel.com/products/denver-black-chef-pants.

Check out these fantastic items and our other new offerings on our website, FiumaraApparel.com .  We will help you raise the standard in your in your kitchen from merely professional to a level of stylish perfection.

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