Culinary Schools Help Their Students Take That Extra Step

June 22 2012 – Robert Fiumara

Receiving a culinary education has become very popular and has spread through the US like a happy epidemic. Not only has there been a rise in new students choosing the culinary arts as their career of choice, but many people are choosing the culinary arts as a career change in an ever shifting economy. America has long been obsessed with food, eating it, reading about it and watching other people make it; it makes sense that, as a nation, more of us want to be the ones to create it.

There is a rising trend in the nation’s culinary schools. Many culinary schools have gotten rid of a conservatory-esque style of teaching.  A style wherein their students are sequestered away behind closed doors learning to make a chiffonade and truss up a turkey.  More and more in recent years Culinary schools and culinary programs within already established colleges are expanding their reach and giving their students the opportunity to see their skills being used in a practical way.

Culinary schools are now opening store fronts at least a few times a week.  This allows the local people to see what the students have been learning and gives the culinary students an opportunity to show off their skills and their new found professionalism.  The students of culinary institutes  stand proud in their hard-earned chef jackets and showcase their cooking skills as well as getting a chance to practice their front of house and management skills.

Culinary schools recognize that it is no longer enough to know how to cook and to look professional in their culinary apparel.  Students graduating with a culinary education are also being taught restaurant management and business skills that they can take with them into the real world. They learn about budgeting their business costs, setting menu prices, going over food purchasing, employee pay, uniform costs and other business related lessons.

Students are given real life lessons like finding affordable culinary apparel for themselves and their potential future staff, finding affordable and professional uniforms that are comfortable as well as functional.

It’s a good thing there are so many wonderful companies out there dedicated to providing exactly that: quality and affordable culinary apparel for kitchen and wait staff.  Looking for culinary uniforms that make their staff look good as well as feel good is an easy “A” on the road to restaurant mastery.

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