What Kitchens Are Heating Up This Summer On Your Television?

July 10 2012 – Robert Fiumara

 Heat waves have been sweeping the United States, with the majority of the country well into the 90’s and triple digits.  Normally such weather would prompt a radical increase in outdoor activity.  With the recent air quality warnings and dangerously high temps combined with overwhelming humidity, outdoor fun is not so… well, fun. People are staying cool inside with fans air conditioners and icy cold drinks.


This means too that people are watching more television. The meteoric rise in popularity of cooking shows gives this summer the perfect opportunity for some new shows to make their mark and for some old favorites to remind us of exactly why we love them.

This summer will see Top Chef Masters; all of the previous winners of Top Chef (like Rick Bayless and Marcus Samuelsson) are returning for a fight for the Master title in Las Vegas, one of the flashiest culinary hot spots. One by one these masters will have to hang up their white chef coats.

Food Network’s Chopped is also airing a Master Class showdown; this time on the Grill. Chopped: Grill Masters premieres in July on Food Network.  The grey and burgundy chef jacket clad contestants will compete for the title and, of course, the $10,000 prize.  The same rules apply: 1 basket, 4 mystery ingredients, and only minutes to grill up a Masterpiece.

Iron Chef Cat Cora is hosting a new food venture that is sure to show you something you’ve never seen. Around the World in 80 Plates takes competing chefs to new and exotic locations where they will learn new customs, cultures and culinary secrets and face off against each other in challenges.

Also hitting the scene are some shows on the Food Network’s sister affiliate, The Cooking Channel that are great if you’re looking for something original and a little quirky. The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia is a perfect example, the quirky Baron travels across the U.S. using his highly discerning palate and driving passion for the perfect bite to guide him through culinary adventures. No classic chef apparel for this unique taste tester.

We’re excited to be checking out all of the fresh new cooking shows hitting the airwaves this summer.

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