MasterChef’s Amanda Saab: Get To Know The Finalist

July 01 2015 – Bold Apps

Amanda Saab, the 26-year old finalist on Fox’s MasterChef, has made headlines this year for her bold choices and cooking style.  Saab, who is originally from Renton, Washington, has used her expertise with seafood to gain an advantage in the cooking contest that airs on Wednesday nights. 


In her adopted city of Seattle, Saab speaks highly of the local farmer’s market.  She makes time to go to one weekly and says she looks forward to the atmosphere and using the market as a way to connect with farmers and their products.  Saab says that using fresh ingredients from local Seattle farms helps her to create amazing meals at home. 


Some of her favorite dishes include Mediterranean cuisine and Saab says she is a fan of “lots of garlic and olive and lemon.”  Saab has been in Seattle for about three years, moving from Dearborn, Michigan with her husband.  While watching the fifth season of MasterChef, she was inspired to answer the call for open auditions – a first for the amateur chef, who works as clinical social worker at Swedish Medical Center.  She has taken a leave of absence from her day-job while competing on the popular cooking competition. 


Last July, she created her very own website to showcase her culinary creations and so she’d have a place to store her recipes.  While she’s proud of how successful she’s been on MasterChef, her real pride comes from representing a minority culture and being viewed as a role model for Muslim women everywhere.  It remains to be seen whether the fan and judge favorite will make it to the end and win the shows $250,000 prize but she’s already making plans for her future, back to work at the medical center.  Someday, she hopes to open her own Mediterranean restaurant and has some surprises in stores for Seattle, including a goal that for every meal served at her restaurant, one will be given to someone in need. 


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