Pressure Cooking: Safe and Easy!

March 11 2015 – Robert Fiumara


If you’ve ever thought about employing a pressure cooker to cook up some delicious meals, you may be concerned about the safety of such equipment.  Luckily, we have some tips so that you’ll avoid any danger when using a pressure cooker!


New pressure cookers are relatively safe so the first thing to do is don your chef apron and hat and check to make sure that your pressure cooker is one of the newer models, and not decades old.  Even the most affordable pressure cooker will have installed safety features to cut down on hazards while in use.  Another big change from pressure cookers of the past and present-day cookers is that pressure cookers nowadays are electric which allows them to work faster and more efficiently.  Pressure cookers work now by trapping steam inside of them to a heat that is far beyond the boiling point.  This means that you can use your pressure cooker to cook foods that typically are in need of a longer cooking time and at low, long simmers (like a pot roast or a good soup).


Pressure cookers are a great replacement for microwaved meals because they make dinners fast and easy.  It’s virtually impossible to make a pressure cooker explode though you can blow a gasket and have whatever is inside spill down the outside of the pressure cooker and over your kitchen counters.  Modern pressure cookers can be a three in one device, saving you space and money overall as they can be used as a slow cooker, rice cooker, and a pressure cooker all in one.  Additionally, your pressure cooker isn’t just for beans or roasts (though it prepares both dishes quite well).  Chefs are able to use their pressure cookers for rich sauces, fish or shrimp dishes, and even dessert like cheesecakes!  You can even make a home style macaroni and cheese dish, all without the oven.


When cooking with a pressure cooker, you’ll need to make sure you use less liquid than you think you need, especially when adjusting recipes from oven to pressure cooker use.  Your best bet is to always find a pressure cooker recipe for the best results, as the chef’s will have already incorporated adjustments into the recipe, saving you time and mental headache. 


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