2015: Job Growth for Restaurant Industry

March 13 2015 – Robert Fiumara


2015 has been a great year so far for the restaurant and food service industry, which added almost 60,000 jobs in February.  This job growth was the leader in the United States and spells out big things to come for the restaurant industry!  Compared to last year, which had approximately 35,000 jobs added per month, this year is nearly doubled in job additions to the industry?


 In many cases, the positions that are being added in the restaurant industry are managerial positions.  Adding managerial positions will ensure company growth, something that hasn’t been anticipated in recent years, but that companies are confident about beginning in 2015.  Managerial positions are typically more of an expense for restaurants as insurance benefits like health and dental and additional benefits like vacation or sick time are included.  An added benefit to industry growth will be the support systems of the industry including software, hardware, and equipment.  Industry experts predict an average growth of at least 3.5% in 2015.


As the general economy improves, consumers will continue to become more confident about spending their residual income in restaurants and bars.  To take advantage of this confidence, restaurants will need to employ strategies to entice consumers to their businesses, much in the way that national chain Taco Bell added breakfast to its menus early last year.  Starbucks continues to dip its toe into the alcohol marketplace, offering up alcohol laced version of its drink mixes to liquor store shelves.  In terms of their brick and mortar stores, Starbucks also has begun to offer lunch, snack, and dinner items to their menu – replacing their breakfast only menu of years past.


Sales in the food industry are expected to hit a record high of $709.2 billion in 2015, representing the sixth year consecutive year of growth.  It remains the nations second largest private sector employer with a workforce of 14 million, and gaining.   While all state are expected to see growth in the restaurant industry, the top five states expected to experience the most growth are:  Arizona, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Utah – all states with a moderate to large tourist industry and student population. 


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