Kitchen and Cooking Shortcuts

March 06 2015 – Robert Fiumara


When it comes to cooking, a lot of chef’s want to avoid shortcuts or hacks that could save them time in the kitchen, because it sometimes means sacrificing quality.  But we have some tried and true kitchen and cooking shortcuts that actually make sense and won’t ruin your chef apron when attempting them!


Softening Butter for Baking


Many times in baking and pastry recipes, the instructions call for softened or room temperature butter.  It’s a step that is often overlooked – just for the fact that you should lay out your butter almost an hour in advanced – and one that’s important to your recipe. Room temperature butter mixes better with dry ingredients and helps the cookie hold its shape as it bakes.   The fastest way to get butter to room temperature is to cut the butter in slices and let it rest on a plate for a half an hour while you prepare the other ingredients.  You can also melt butter by placing it in an ovenproof dish and putting it in the oven while it’s preheating.


Removing Pomegranate Seeds


Pomegranate seeds are flavorful, colorful, and go well with many recipes! The only problem is that the seeds are difficult to remove.  To ease this problem, simply cut the pomegranate into quarters and then grab a wooden spoon.  Using the wooden spoon, hit the pomegranate on the back until the seeds fall out.  You should hold the pomegranate above a plate, bowl, or surface with a lip so you can catch all of the flavorful seeds. 


Peel A Hot Potato


When potatoes are raw, they’re tough to peel!  The knife slips, lots of edible skin is lot, and peeling potatoes is a cumbersome and the peeling gets stuck to your skin and can clog your drains and garbage disposals.  It’s much easier to put down your chef knife and peel the potatoes while they’re hot!  To do this, all you need is a large pot full of an ice bath.  Once the potatoes are finished boiling, plunge them into an ice bath as soon as they’re finished.  The ice water will cook the skin of the potatoes and allow you to pull it off, using just your fingers.  The skin should slide off easily but take care to ensure that the potatoes are warm and not hot or you could burn yourself!

Other Quick Tips


  • Oil a spoon before measuring honey – the oil will coat the spoon and the honey will slide right off!
  • To stop your cutting board from slipping, place a dishcloth underneath it.
  • Place meat that needs to be cut in the freezer for fifteen minutes. It will make tough to cut meat easier to slice, especially if you have a dull knife.



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