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September 30 2014 – Robert Fiumara

Perigord Chef Jacket by Bragard

Are you looking for a chef jacket that combines the best in comfort and design? Find it here with Bragard’s  Perigord Egyptian Cotton Chef Jacket!  This 100% long fiber Egyptian cotton jacket is designed for the style and comfort of today’s busy chef.  This jacket has a high officer collar for that sharp look.  The jacket is a full cut to allow for maximum freedom of movement.  The ample sleeves and underarm air vents promote comfort in a fast paced kitchen. The Perigord Chef Jacket includes rounded stay-up cuffs and a welt breast pocket for convenience.  All of the buttons are hand rolled and crush resistant for durability.  The Perigord Chef jacket is made of the finest Egyptian cotton in the world and is available in white with blue piping.  This exclusive design is available in sizes 34-64. Any discerning chef will feel right at home with the best in culinary apparel.


Ultimate Chef Pants by Chefwear

The Ultimate Chef Pant is everything you’ve ever wanted in a culinary uniform pant.  They are roomy, comfortable and come in a variety of styles to suit your specific needs. Each pair of the Ultimate Chef Pants are made of 100% cotton for extreme comfort in a busy kitchen.  The 2” elastic waistband moves with you and allows for the maximum in mobility.  Are you worried that elastic won’t be enough?  They have a straw string as well so you can feel secure that your culinary uniform is always sharp and professional.  With extra deep front and back pockets, these pants let you keep your personal items close without the risk of losing them during a busy service.  Sizes are available in XS-5X.  These versatile chef pants come in a wide array of patterns and solids to please any discerning chef.


Renaud Kitchen Chef Shoes by Bragard

These undisputedly comfortable unisex sandals are made of leather uppers and suede insole. Renaud Kitchen Chef shoes by Bragard have oil resistant polyurethane sole as well. Also available in white so make one your own! 


Sebastien Chef Jacket by Bragard

When looking for a high-quality, long-lasting, comfortable, professional chef’s uniform, look no further than the Sebastien Chef Jacket.  This exclusive design was created with comfort, style and professionalism in mind.  This jacket is made of 100% long fiber Egyptian cotton and with the underarm air vents, this chef’s jacket is a one of a kind in style and comfort.  The roomy sleeves keep the mobility and the updated single row of buttons creates a professional and sleek look for your kitchen.  The Sebastien Chef Jacket comes in white with grey piping and is available in sizes 36-54.  Bragard does it again with this forward thinking design perfect for any upscale chef and his team.  Any chef would be proud to don this chef jacket to work in their professional kitchens.


Elyse Women’s Chef Coat by Chef Works

This executive-style Elyse Women's Egyptian Coat is tailored using 100% Egyptian cotton. The coat has a flattering professional fit and features French cuffs and hand rolled buttons. It is double-breasted for extra comfort and left inset pocket and thermometer pocket provides utility. Elyse Women's Egyptian Coats are available in the sizes of XS-3XL.


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