Will You Be Watching the Latest Cooking Show From Spike TV?

November 18 2013 – Robert Fiumara

The wave of food-based shows has exploded over the last few years.  It has caused television stations that, before, had no interest in a food show to suddenly clamor for the next greatest food discovery.  That is what has prompted Spike TV to greenlight the new show Frankenfood with Josh Capon.


Capon is a well-known chef and has appeared and is a three-time winner on Rachael Ray’s Burger Bash. He is also the partner and executive chef for a number of restaurants in New York City, including Lure Fishbar and El Toro Blanco.  Capon will not only be the host, but he will also act as one of the judges on the judging panel.  There are plans for actor and restaurant owner Tony Luke Jr. to join him as well as a rotating panel of other culinary experts.


Spike TV, which had originally geared its programming toward 18-35 single men, has been working on broadening their viewer base for some time. Currently, they run Cops marathons broken up by showings of popular movies and a few original programs like Bar Rescue (think Restaurant Impossible for the bar scene). This branch out into the world of original programming is what has prompted this new venture into the world of food.


FrankenFood is a show that invites “local amateur food innovators” to compete by submitting the unexpected food concoctions in a head to head competition where the prize is getting their dish on the menu of a local restaurant as well as a hefty check for $10,000.  By unexpected combinations, think canned tuna, rice and BBQ sauce. These are typically combinations that may initially sound weird or unappetizing, but that are actually quite delicious.  Think of some of the most famous combinations of foods that were not always considered to go well together: chocolate and peanut butter, Beef Wellington, and the Reuben Sandwich to name a few.


It’s an interesting spin on an well-worn food competition premise.  Fiumara Apparel salutes those with brave palates and their experimentation (can you imagine some of the failures?).  We know that it takes courage and an adventurous palate to put things together that don’t immediately make sense. Will you watch this show once it airs?  What is the weirdest food combination that you have ever come up with?  Was it successful or one for the Note to Self pile?  We’re interested in your opinion! 

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