Birkenstock The Right Footwear for Chefs

November 25 2013 – Robert Fiumara

There’s no disputing it: Chefs need good footwear. Unfortunately, good can be a little subjective – what works for one chef isn’t going to cut it for the next. Trying out different options that cater to individual tastes is always the best way to find footwear that works for you.


In general, the right footwear for chefs has some basic functions. Contamination issues, ticket times and serious falling hazards could all result from bad footwear choices. As bodies change with age and experience, the right shoe might also change. Think about it this way – basketball players used to play in Converse sneakers! Your feet might need a little extra cushion over the years – so it’s time to start thinking about whether or not your work shoes are cut out for the job these days.


The Right Footwear for Chefs


Kitchen staff need to wear shoes with good grip. As we all know, floors can get wet, messy or can be hard to stay upright on when you’re running around in a busy kitchen. Chef foot apparel should not only have great grip, but also be 100% slip resistant. The Birkenstock A630 clog is a great example of a shoe with killer grip. It’s been tested on wet and oily surfaces at various temperatures for unbeatable flexibility in the kitchen. If one slip could cost your career, why take that chance with a new pair of shoes that are less kitchen-ready?


Most chefs prefer clogs. The floor isn’t a clean place pretty much anywhere you go, and stopping to tie laces over and over again necessitates a ton of hand washing, which creates a time issue. If you happen to forget that necessary hand wash, you’ve potentially contaminated your entire kitchen in a matter of minutes.


Birkenstock for Chefs


Work shoes of any caliber end up getting fairly dirty. You don’t want to deal with a shoe that can't be washed. The Profi Birki is washable in warm or cold water after use, and dries to retain the deep cup and maximum comfort levels synonymous with the Birkenstock brand. Birk’s pro products are as easy to clean and maintain as their casual shoes, and they adhere to the shape of your foot. Your shoes truly become your shoes – a must if you’re running around on your feet all day.


We’ve tested Birkenstock pro footwear over the years and are pleased to bring the Birki and the A630 clog into our product lineup. Try ‘em out- we think you’ll be as pleased as we are!

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