Why Going Green Is Not Always the Easiest Option

November 18 2013 – Robert Fiumara

There is a lot of emphasis being placed on businesses to “go green”, or to become more ecologically friendly.  Many businesses have taken steps toward this goal, however it is more feasible for some than for others.  Restaurants, in particular are struggling to shrink their carbon footprint. Even in larger cities where recycling services are more readily available, the cost to recycle everything can be prohibitive and leave a bad taste in the mouths of those who own small restaurants.


Many positions in a restaurant come with high turnover; sou chefs, servers, bussers, etc. all have a high turnover rate.  Taking additional time to train every new employee on recycling procedures on top of the standard duties takes additional time and money.  Making seemingly small changes in equipment to upgrade them to items that are more eco-friendly can be incredibly costly. Something as simple as getting a larger trash corral can potentially up the annual output by thousands of dollars.


It is especially difficult for restaurants in more rural areas where recycling efforts are as encouraged and there aren’t as many opportunities for recycling. In many cases someone would need to haul any recycling miles to the nearest recycling plant where they will also be expected to sort it themselves. Just basic recycling could cost them thousands every year and for many small business owners this cost is not worth the outcome.  This is not to say that it is impossible, only that restaurant owners are beginning to realize that if they want to make a difference and if they want to be able to tell their customers that they are making a difference, they will need to come up with creative ways to shrink their waste.


Small restaurants with a plot of land might consider composting in a corner of their property and either selling the compost as fertilizer or starting a small garden where they can use their own fresh herbs and some produce.  This allows for the double effect of saving money on costs as well as taking a step toward a more environmentally sound establishment.


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