Trends in Catering Apparel – What to Wear When Fine Cuisine Goes Mobile

January 27 2020 – Robert Fiumara

Four Tips For Choosing Fine Catering Wear for Your Business

Caterers must often face the elements, inadequate kitchen environments, and more when preparing meals for potentially hundreds of clients under some of the most unpredictable conditions in the hospitality industry. Whether you own a stand-alone catering business or simply offer catering as one of many amenities of your full-service restaurant, you know that attention to detail is key when representing your brand to diverse groups of people in various locations.

However, that attention to detail doesn’t stop once the food leaves the kitchen. This list of top trends and considerations for catering apparel can help you ensure you’ll represent your brand well, allowing you to concentrate on the food and service you provide:

1. Build brand identity. First and foremost, whether you’re representing a full-service dining establishment or a dedicated catering company, you’ll want to make sure all catering employees are easily identifiable as belonging to your company. Today, many brands are choosing contrasting – yet coordinating – chef wear and front-of-house wear with one particular color pop for both sides, often found in a colored apron or custom embroidered monogram. If you’re representing a full-service restaurant, continue the branding throughout. For a stand-alone catering company, ensure all employee uniforms include some iteration of your brand or logo.

2. Choose versatile fabrics. Depending on your area, temperatures may vary wildly for outdoor events, and many staff often find themselves providing set-up and tear-down services outside of their regular chef or serving duties. These days, many caterers choose to offer a few, cohesive options with varying sleeve lengths, fabric weights, and more. For comfort in all temperatures, consider a ventilated, moisture-wicking fabric or provide solid-colored embroidered t-shirts or golf shirts for use during set-up and tear-down.

3. Don’t put upscale out of reach. Many of us have experienced this scenario – the food is impeccable, the staff well-trained, but the faded polo shirts are better suited to a grocery store than a black-tie event. Front of house apparel at an evening or formal event should include button-down shirts and even vests or ties. If you regularly cater to formal events, consider a vest or tie that provides a contrasting pop of color that ties into your brand.

4. Quality, non-slip shoes are essential. When you’re traversing a different kitchen and a different venue floor with every service, quality kitchen and front-of-house shoes are non-negotiable. Comfort is key, and a larger variety of kitchen clogs and safety shoes than ever before offer an attractive, upscale look without sacrificing the wearer’s comfort. Better yet, many kitchen shoes offer bonus features like spill-resistant uppers and enhanced breathability.

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