National Chef Day: Giveaway Rules

August 04 2016 – Robert Fiumara

National Chef Day: Giveaway Rules

Working in the food service industry can be both rewarding and exhausting. It takes a lot to prepare an assortment of meals for people to enjoy. As such, you want to make sure you have all of the necessary tools to succeed. With the help of the Gramercy Chef Coat from Chef Works, you can say goodbye to the traditional chef look and say hello to something new and innovative.

This edgy and modern jacket is going to set you apart from everyone else in the kitchen while still giving you the durability and functionality you crave. The roll-up sleeves allow you to easily adjust to the soaring temperatures in the kitchen. Store your cell phone or thermometer in one of the specialized pockets to make sure you always have the right tools at your disposal.

Are you someone who loves listening to some rocking tunes while you whip up your tasty treats? If so, you will love the hidden earbud access that lets you listen to all of your favorite tunes without the added cords getting in your way. This coat comes in a stunning black color that will match just about anything you want to pair with it. Available in sizes ranging from an XS on up to a 3XL to make sure everyone can enjoy this fabulous chef coat. Who knows, at some point in time you might have seen one of the top chef's wearing this fabulous coat. Take a look at some of the best things in the world of cooking today.

Emeril Lagasse

This French-Portuguese-American Restauranteur has numerous restaurants across the United States. He is widely known for the assortment of cuisine that he cooks up on a regular basis. Emeril has won the James Beard award and is world-renowned for his Cajun and Creole cooking style. His cooking style must be working because Emeril pulls in about $150 million annually from his cuisine.

Wolfgang Puck

When it comes to Wolfgang Puck, this Austrian chef is extremely mystical. You never can tell what you are eating when you eat one of his dishes. He has taken American cooking and added in elements of Asian, French and Californian techniques, in addition to high-quality ingredients, to bring on some of the tastiest foods around. It didn't take long for this chef to be regarded as the one who earns the most in the entire world. You can be sure his mother is proud considering she is the one who taught him how to cook.

If you are working hard to get to the level of these two individuals, you are definitely in the right place. Enter in this giveaway to win The Gramercy Denim Chef Coat. You never know. You could end up being a premier chef who travels the world and cooks up some of the most delectable cuisines out there.

Giveaway Contest: Rules

1. Contest runs from August 4th to August 21st

2. One order (no minimums) is one entry.

The more you order, the higher chances you have of winning

3. Must use coupon GIVEAWAY at check out. We are not able to apply it for you. 

(You will receive 10% off with the coupon)

4. Winner will be contacted & announced on August 22nd

5. One coat (Men's or Women's) will be shipped out to the winner the following day

Good luck to you all! 

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