Getting ‘Em Young: Instilling A Passion For Food Early On.

September 06 2013 – Robert Fiumara

The worldwide phenomenon of the celebrity chef is well known at this point, particularly in the UK and US.  We, as a culture have developed a love of watching talented and passionate people cook. In many ways this love has sparked a culture shift to healthier eating and eating with intent instead of eating just to be eating. More people are out looking for that perfect bite and are staying further away from the bite they can get the fastest. The effects of this are that more people are eating healthier, locally provided foods and are eating at independently owned restaurants instead of the super chains.


Another and, potentially, more interesting side effect of this obsession with haute cuisine is that foodies are getting younger and younger. Pre-teens and young adults are trading in their fish sticks for sushi and their Hamburger Helper for Osso Buco.  The younger generation is developing their palate at an earlier age.   Evidence of this can be seen in your local Target or Walmart stores and in local high schools across the country. Flipable poster displays in major stores now house the smiling, food savvy visages of the likes of Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, and Guy Fierri right alongside the current pop sensation, 1 Direction. Being a chef has, effectively, become equated with being a rock star.


In an effort to encourage students to emulate their food famous heroes, high schools have started implementing after school cooking programs that give students real experience in the kitchen cooking recipes that they can easily take back to their families and make at home. Programs like these teach students the benefits of healthy eating and the joy of cooking a delicious meal for themselves and others.  It gives them a real world, tangible skill that will serve them throughout their lives.


We here at Fiumara Apparel believe in encouraging young people to follow their dreams. We know that building a passion early in life can lead to great things down the road. So why not encourage the little chef in your life with a Kids Bib Apron? Who knows, they may become the next big food celebrity.

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