Who Are You? Branding Your Restaurant is Key

June 25 2013 – Robert Fiumara

Recently, the well-known restaurant franchise, Hooters has decided to try to rebrand itself.  For years this tongue in cheek establishment was known for having excellent hot wings and a half-dressed, buxom wait staff.  For various reasons (the economy and change in social mindsets being a few), those in charge have decided to brand themselves as a more “family friendly” sports oriented eatery.  As far as the interior is concerned, many of the Hooters locations are already equipped with multiple large flat screen televisions  that play a variety of major sporting events so a switch to more of a sports bar feel is not far off the mark.  However, a restaurant that has been often referred to as a “breastaurant” has a ways to go if they want to be known as a family friendly franchise.


The largest reason for this is the uniform that their servers are required to wear: a pair of very short orange shorts and a scoop necked tank top with the owl logo designed to show off the “assets” of a selectively chosen staff. From the onset, Hooters branded itself as a cheeky, sexy restaurant that was often favored by businessmen and bachelor parties.  Making a move to more conservative uniforms, while adding an additional cost, may also bring in a wider customer base to carry over that branding.


The appearance of your wait staff gives a very clear representation of who you are as a restaurant.  They and your host/hostess are the face of your establishment. The first point of contact and, ultimately, a large part of the impression that your dining guests will be left with at the end of their visit. Don’t let your first impression be an afterthought. When considering your overall image, don’t forget to include your front of house staff in that mental picture. Whatever theme or feel you’re going for, your staff will be the ones to help set that tone.


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