Some Things Change and Still More Stay the Same

January 10 2013 – Robert Fiumara

 Towards the end of every year and into the beginning of the new year magazines, news journals and blog sites start posting about the new and upcoming trends for the coming year and a review of the past trends.  The food industry is no different.  Particular in fine dining restaurants who , in order to keep up with food bloggers, critics and new and innovative restauranteurs, are trying new and different ideas to keep up with the main stream.

Some things are new and radically different.  Restaurants with bars are beginning to brew their own concoctions and age them in whiskey barrels to create unique signature drinks.  Using locally produced ingredients is a trend that has been growing for some time.  The use of technology in restaurants is beginning to rise up through the ranks as well.  Customers are now able to pay for their meal with just a tap of their card or by using an app for their smart phone.  Some restaurants have even hopped on board and are now using tablets to take orders table side and have them delivered directly to the kitchen without having to walk to a centrally located machine.

Convenience and value seem to the biggest trends of the new year.  But wait a minute.  Those seem to be the same trends from the year before and one before that and the one before that … we could go on a while, but the fact of the matter is that consumer are always looking for certain things especially from their restaurants.  Consumers are looking for a pleasant atmosphere, good food, friendly and efficient staff, and bang for their buck.  No one wants to pay more than they think is fair for the food that their receiving.  The trappings of the establishment may change, but all of the rest is just gravy.  If you can give your customers good food at reasonable prices and an experience that makes them want to come back, you will not suffer for customers.

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