Social Media Ups the Ante for Restaurants

January 10 2013 – Robert Fiumara

 Businesses large and small have been taking advantage of social media and online group based coupon sites.  Twitter, Facebook, Living Social and Groupon have made their way to the top of the list.  It is through these sites that many consumers search for deals, discounts and consumer reviews on new restaurants, store locations and products.

Restaurants have been using such things to get the word out when they have a new menu, when they’ve updated their restaurant or when they’re just looking to broaden their customer base.  It is also an excellent way for established restaurants to get real time feedback from their customers, offer “members only” rewards as well as to spread the word about any new marketing campaign they’re running with. 

New Restaurants are using sites such as these to offer enticing deals to bring new customers to their location or to start spreading the word of mouth about their establishments.   Social media has become one of the most popular ways of introducing a new eatery.  Offering a buy-now-use-later sort of discount is usually the first go to for new establishments.  This is where Groupon and Living Social excel.  Once that word has spread, sites like Facebook and Twitter allow restaurants to keep in touch with their fans and offer discounts to those who “like” their page.

Customers have taken to social media quickly and with great fervor.  They are not afraid to be candid in their honesty and businesses can use this to their advantage.  Even a negative comment can help them improve their appeal and it can also give owners and managers an opportunity to correct any bad experience had by the consumer.

For example, a consumer may go to a new restaurant and then post their location as they are enjoying a meal and then leave a second post later.  If the customer did not have a pleasant experience, or if they found fault with the décor, the food or the staff uniforms, posting it online gives the restaurant an opportunity to take that feedback and improve.

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