The New Trend in the Culinary Arts

October 16 2012 – Robert Fiumara

 “Molecular Gastronomy” is a phrase that has been bandied about for the last ten years to describe new ways of preparing food usually using chemistry as the most popular medium.  When you get into things like creating desserts with liquid nitrogen or making a liquid into both a gas and a solid to present three flavors three ways, it begins to sound like a menu straight from a George Orwell Sci-Fi novel.  In modern culinary institutions, these gastronomic advances are the newest wave in food service.  It is being called by the experts who have perfected the technique: “Modernist Cuisine.”

We may not all be driving flying cars and space travel has yet to become a common mode of long distance transportation, but in the culinary field, molecular gastronomy takes dining straight to the future.  The Culinary Institute of America, one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the US has created new courses to teach these particular skills and they have brought celebrity chefs who are well known for the strides they have made in these chemical techniques.

Professional kitchens across the country have already started to integrate some of these newer techniques in their kitchens.  They are separating elements of foods using a centrifuge or flavoring their foods with different types of smoke.  The up and coming culinary students will need to possess a wider range of skills than excellent knife work and the knowledge of the basic mother sauces.  Anymore, chefs have to be better than culinary experts, they must also be chemists.

These techniques are also making an impact on the Foodie crowd.  It is well known that food critics and those at the top of the culinary invite list are always on the lookout for something that is as unique as it is delicious.  This makes “modernist cuisine” the perfect fit as the next big trend in the Culinary Arts.

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