A New Generation of Culinary Power

August 27 2012 – Robert Fiumara


One of the biggest culinary trends in recent years—and one that is continuing to grow exponentially—is the local chef.  The goal is to focus the cuisine on local sustainable ingredients; using local ingredients in haute cuisine and building relationships with local farmers, dairies, aviaries, and vintners.  This culinary philosophy is built around the idea of maintaining a sustainable environment and supporting small locally own businesses.

While there are chefs out there who have taken it upon themselves to spearhead this movement in the culinary community, it has not been until recently that this philosophy has been taught in any kind of exclusivity in culinary education.  That is why a group of chefs in Santa Fe, New Mexico are filling that need by opening a professional culinary school.  The school will focus on using local ingredients and building strong relationships with local business people as well as teaching their students how to work in all parts of the kitchen.

Once they receive their license from the State Higher Education, the school hopes to offer a 50-week, 30-hour-a-week curriculum.  The school, named  Santa Fe Culinary Academy will be taking over the old space of the School of Cooking.  The School of Cooking’s main draw was that they offered cooking classes on local cuisine for tourists.  Santa Fe Culinary Academy is planning to continue to offer individual classes to the community as well as their full culinary program.

One of the opportunities available to the students of this new culinary program is to work in one of the working restaurants in the complex.  The positions available are not chef positions, but crew positions.  They will able to earn money while learning the less glamorous side of working in a kitchen.  Knowing how to keep a kitchen clean and sanitary is just as important to a potential employer as having quick hands or an excellent palate.

The focus of the new Santa Fe Culinary Academy is not just on building relationships with local business owners, but also to be able to produce chefs who are professional and are able to learn a new kitchen quickly.  It is equally important to make sure that any student they send out into the culinary workforce is able to maintain a professional appearance.  This is why culinary apparel is so important to professional chefs.

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