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September 04 2012 – Robert Fiumara

If you have spent any time recently in or around Decatur, GA you may have noticed the presence of some very colorful and whimsical deer statues.  These statues are the city’s way of celebrating and showcasing not only its local artists, but also its points of pride.  One such piece of artwork has been inspired by Chef Art Smith. 

The large cartoonish “buck” has been painted and created to be dressed in a facsimile of Chef Smith’s everyday uniform and is carrying his signature dessert, a 24-layer red velvet cake.  This quirky uniform is detailed from the multicolored striped collar to logo for his favorite charity, Common Threads, on his sleeve and the Southern Art logo on the back of his chef jacket.

In a recent interview by the Buckhead Patch, artist and illustrator Taylor Arnold talks about what it was like to develop a “buck” based on this popular local chef.

“From the beginning, Art wanted to do a caricature of himself that would stand outside his restaurant, Southern Art and Bourbon Bar. When we met to discuss painting the buck, I took pictures of everything from the yellow and blue stripes on his collar to the orange shoelaces on his sneakers.  We wanted to get as close to Art’s uniform as possible.  We also wanted the buck to hold something on the menu that was recognizable, so we decided on the 24-layer red velvet cake.” For the complete interview head here:

It says a lot that one of the ways a chef is identified is by their uniform.  It can signify personal flair, professionalism, and the environment of the restaurant itself.  The choice of culinary apparel is important to the reputation of a restaurant as well.

When you are looking for that culinary uniform that will set you apart from the rest and make a professional mark on your staff and especially your patrons, you want to make sure that you are paying attention to style and quality as well as comfort.  You don’t want to forget that you need to be comfortable just as much as you need to be professional.

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