Healthy Fast Food: Where to Find It

July 17 2015 – Bold Apps

At times it can be difficult to eat healthy no matter how hard we try.  Work, school, and leisure activities can make even the most active family hard pressed to take time out for healthy, homemade meals.  This is when fast food is often the most attractive solution for our hungry bellies.  Since fast food isn’t always the healthiest, we’ve put together a list of healthy choices for you and your family.


It’s a sign of the times that consumers are beginning to demand healthier options when they’re fast food dining.  Healthier fast-food restaurants are growing at a rate of ten times faster than typical restaurants of the same kind.  In 2014 alone, United States consumers spent more than $21 million at Chipotle – one of the healthiest casual dining options currently available.  And while Chipotle makes our list for a healthy fast dining option, it might not be available in all areas.  Here’s a list of other healthy options.


Sweet Green  


Fans of farmers markets will love all the nutrient packed options at Sweet Green.  Featuring a variety of salad toppings and choices, the ingredients featured at Sweet Green are locally sourced.  With more than thirty franchises available in cities across the U.S., including Boston and Washington, D.C., Sweet Green is one of the fastest growing health foods chains around. 


Roti Mediterranean Grill


If you’re a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, you’re already well on your way to being healthy as this diet is considered one of the world’s best, especially for heart health.  Roti’s Grill is inspired by Mediterranean dishes that also boosts brainpower and can start up your metabolism, encouraging weight loss. Fresh chicken, rice, and vegetables combine well with pita bread that is baked in each restaurant, daily.  Roti Grills are located all over Illinois and the chain continues to expand into Virginia and Maryland.


Lyfe Kitchen


Surprisingly, two former executives of McDonald’s who preferred fresh, healthy food to fried food, founded Lyfe Kitchen.  You’ll find Lyfe Kitchen in California where celebrities and chefs are quick to indulge in the dishes, each of which are 600 calories or less.  All ingredients come from sustainable, fresh sources and Art Smith, Oprah’s one-time personal chef, created the menu.  Besides California, you can find Lyfe Kitchen in Colorado, Nevada, and New York but look for expansion into other states soon!


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