Atlanta Hosts Food & Wine Festival

May 22 2015 – Robert Fiumara

If you’re a resident or chef in Atlanta and you live close enough to travel to the eclectic Southern city, you might want to check out the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival!  The Food Festival is nationally renowned and brings people from all across the country beginning May 28th.  Held at the luxury hotel Loews in midtown Atlanta, this event brought in over 9,000 guests last year, the fifth year held.


This year, guests will delight in a sampling of culinary events including tastings, dinners, and classes designed and taught by professionals and chefs from across the Atlanta area.  If guests were lucky enough (and could afford the price) to grab a connoisseur-level ticket, they’ll be able to experience premium features and even hang out with the chef’s and presenters.  Also featured during the festival is a variety of southern culture but not just that from the United States:  guests will be delighted to experience an array of southern culture from American to Southern European, South Africa, and other southern areas from around the world.


New to the festival for 2015 is a partnership with popular lifestyle magazine Southern Living.  The magazine will host a variety of events including a documentary screening of “Q – Alabama’s Barbecue Legends” as well as offering guests a peek of the winners of the magazines Food Awards, to be featured in the June issue.  Seafood sustainability will be the theme this year with a focus on Gulf seafood, underutilized seafood, and how to introduce invasive species to a menu in an effort to control them.  Another big topic for the event is wellness and healthier eating, including how to make popular dishes like Italian food, healthier.  Eating clean, managing diabetes with your diet, and the interesting topic of the medicinal properties of moonshine will also be discussed.


If you’re a wine, liquor, or beer enthusiasts, the festival also has something for you!  New features include beverage classes with an emphasis on African-American cocktails legends.  Also on the agenda are classes about batch drinks, a comparison of European and Southern wines, and how to prepare cocktails for a large crowd.  Since this is an event that brings in visitors from all across the country, expect a number of classes and presentations on tourism – especially those that entice visits to Southern states and cities.  And, it wouldn’t be a southern food festival without the classic showdown of Alabama barbecue sauces! 


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