January 2015 Roundup

January 22 2015 – Robert Fiumara


If you’re curious about the latest trends in the culinary industry, you’re in luck! Here’s the latest round up for January:


Coconut Sugar

The use of coconut oil in baking, cooking, and even healthcare was widespread in 2015. Now, the latest and greatest is coconut sugar! With regular white sugar to blame for diabetes, obesity, and chronic health conditions in the US, coconut sugar can be a healthier alternative. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index, meaning it won’t cause spikes in your blood sugar like white sugar will, but it should still be used sparingly. Coconut sugar can be used just like regular sugar – in recipes, coffees and teas, and for baking.


Locally Sourced Grain and Rice

Products made from locally milled flour are on their way to your local supermarket. The increasing network of farmers, bakers, and chefs who are committed to quality products with local grain production is growing. Consumers will not only see a spike in products using these ingredients but will also see the ingredients themselves being promoted more and more for home consumption. From small batch alternatives to organic grain varieties and stone ground flours, this is a trend that will be popping up all over the country.


Local Cheese and Dairy Products

Cheese and dairy products like fresh milk will be making their way from the farmhouse to your kitchen table. Already, dairies and cheese makers from the Hudson Valley and Pennsylvania have made waves and won high honors for their taste and texture. Instead of ripping off European cheeses, American cheese makers have a tendency to create fresh and exciting new flavors. Included in the list of new dairy products that will be trending this year is artisan ice cream. Creamy and delicious small-batch ice cream with interesting flavors like Apple Pie, S’mores, and Peppermint Stick will be huge, as will ice cream desserts like pies and novelties.



Tea instead of Coffee

For many years, coffee has ruled. Now tea’s time has come around in the United States. Over the last few years, the perception of tea has turned around. With Starbucks and Teavana partnering up, tea is now the ‘in’ thing. You’ll be seeing the opening of cafes featuring menus that are heavy on teas and tea products. Soon restaurants will begin featuring teas as an after dinner treat.


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