Warm Up Your Winter with Culinary TV

November 05 2014 – Robert Fiumara

Turn on your TV this fall and you’re likely to see one of the many reality television shows that feature cooking and everything in between!  Programs featuring cooking competition, nutritional advice, and ultimate dining experiences are everywhere and growing any popularity.


This fall, we have new offerings in the way of competitions.  “On the Menu” features advice from Emeril Lagasse and Ty Pennington, the host of the TNT show.  Ten restaurants will be participating in the debut season of On the Menu.  Home-cooks are chosen to prepare their signature recipes for the week’s featured restaurant.  Lagasse will offer the amateurs pointers on how to spice their dish up and market it to the restaurant in question.  Loyal customers of each restaurant will choose the winning dish that will then be featured on the menu the following week.


Another new venture will be Chef Rachel Ray’s Food Network series, ‘The Big Tip.’  Ray is removing her chef’s jacket for this series, which puts the focus on deserving wait staff that work in the food industry.  Traveling to towns across America, Ray will tell their story, including details of their exceptional customer service, and reward them with a big tip.  It’s been rumored in the past that Ray herself isn’t a generous tipper so this may be her way of making up for it!


Returning favorites this fall include Season 13 of “Hell’s Kitchen” with Chef Gordon Ramsay, on Fox.  For the first time since Season 10 of the show, eighteen chefs will compete for a coveted placement as Head Chef at one of Ramsay’s first-class restaurants.  Every episode, one contestant will be eliminated by Gordon, handing over his or her chef jacket as they exit the set.  No doubt, viewers will witness more of Gordon’s epic meltdowns this season of Hell’s Kitchen. 


Netflix has also gotten in on the action!  You can now watch several cooking shows on the streaming service, including “Anthony Bourdain:  No Reservations”, a show as much about travel as it is food.  Other additions to Netflix include “Cupcake Wars”, “Good Eats”, and “The Pioneer Woman”.  These shows offer a different perspective than typical cooking shows.  You won’t see many white chef coats here! 

We can’t wait to warm ourselves up this winter with the hot new shows and some steadfast returning stars.


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