For Chefs Only: Removing Food Stains

February 10 2014 – Robert Fiumara

Don’t feel like going to the dry cleaner? No big deal. We can help!


Fried food produces grease which can get onto clothes, kitchen countertops, back splashes, and stove tops. These stains can be difficult to remove, unless you know how. You can easily get rid of greasy food stains with ingredients you already have, right in your kitchen.


Baking Soda

Every kitchen has baking soda. A box might be in your refrigerator battling unwanted odors right now.  Did you know baking soda can also rid your backsplash or stovetop of greasy food stains? Simply wet the stains with some water and some baking soda. Then rub the area with a damp towel or sponge and watch the stain magically vanish.


Talcum Powder

Food stains offer a surefire way to spoil the look of a living room carpet. There are two ingredients needed to remove food stains on a carpet, talcum powder and patience. Cover the stain with talcum powder and wait at least 6 hours. Then grab the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the stain. If you find you are out of talcum powder you can use baking soda, cornmeal, or cornstarch instead.



Kitchen tables and counters can become infected with a multitude of food stains. Dampen a cloth with equal measures of vinegar and water and wipe the stain away. Not only does vinegar rid your kitchen of unsightly stains, but it eliminates odors too.


Club Soda

While food tastes great when cooked in cast iron pots and pans, cleaning them is difficult. However, if you add club soda to the pot or pan while it is warm the task becomes much easier to deal with. How? The bubbles will keep stains and grime from sticking to the pan.


Salt and Rubbing Alcohol

When nachos drop from the sofa onto the carpet it will likely a nasty stain. However, once you know the secret removing this type of stain is a breeze. Add 1 part salt to 4 parts rubbing alcohol together and mix it up. Then, rub the solution in the direction of the carpet’s grain. Within minutes the stain is gone.



All kitchens become bombarded with stains. You can rid your kitchen of grease by sprinkling cornstarch onto a soft towel. Gently rub the stain, and before you know it your kitchen is once again sparkling.

Kitchens are breeding grounds for greasy food and cooking stains. Yet, simple household ingredients will do the trick. Moreover, you can substitute ingredients if you are out of your favorite stain remover.

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