Why Is Chef Apparel Important?

February 04 2014 – Robert Fiumara

Why Is Chef Apparel Important?

The chef is the most important person in the restaurant. After all, it is food quality that can make or break your business. In other words, the chef is a specialist and needs to look like one. Dentists, doctors, and nurses all wear uniforms because they are professionals. Since chefs are perfectionists it is not surprising that they value their professional appearance on equal footing with the magnificent dishes they create. 

High-end luxury restaurants must serve great tasting entrées. Of course, the dinners must look great too and chefs must dress the part.  Perhaps, your chefs should wear the classic white and black apparel to present a classic flavor. On the other hand, stylish trims could be worn for a more exotic look. Pants should be an exact fit while being properly paired with the jacket. Moreover, the uniform chosen must allow the chef to maneuver with ease within the kitchen. 

What About Safety? 

While image is indeed paramount, safety is an important consideration too. Chefs are valuable to the lifeblood of your business and avoiding injuries keeps your staff safe and your restaurant prospering. It is vital to choose uniforms that protect against spills, stains, grease, and general wear and tear. Kitchen fires do occur. Chefs should wear fire resistant apparel for protection. Quality uniforms ensure your chefs play their part with dignity while protecting them from mishaps. 

Let’s Talk Hats 

Perhaps the most recognizable component of the chef uniform is the hat. The chef hat should match the rest of the uniform to achieve a balanced look. Yet, hats are more than just adding a bit of style. Chef hats serve to keep hair out of the food, as this is a concern to customers. Hats come in many shapes and sizes, however, most are tall and pleated. 

While neckerchiefs are not required apparel, they do help absorb perspiration from the chef’s neck. Restaurant kitchens can become quite hot and this garment piece helps keep chefs comfortable, and productive. Plus, it is an easy way to add a touch of class to the all-important image factor. 

In the end, chefs are professionals. They take pride in their work and are perfectionists. The apparel they wear should provide comfort, protect against kitchen mishaps, and project the image of the eating establishment. When chefs dress in a professional manner they are more apt to go the extra mile when preparing their famous dishes.

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