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Almost everyone today wears socks or has bought a pair of socks. Whether going to work, taking a stroll, or going for a trip. Sockwell socks Ideal for chefs, line cooks, restaurant servers, and anyone in the ...Show more >


Almost everyone today wears socks or has bought a pair of socks. Whether going to work, taking a stroll, or going for a trip. Sockwell socks Ideal for chefs, line cooks, restaurant servers, and anyone in the culinary industry, the quality of socks you wear can make or break your comfort throughout the day. If you reside in the USA, the possibilities are that you just have worn a pair of socks from Sockwell.

Sockwell manufactures the world's best and therapeutic socks. Stockwell believes in sustainable sourcing, modern design, continually investing in technology to enhance fit and performance with no compromises to make you feel better fashionable each day.

Want to grasp how Sockwell hit the market and has become a world brand with the newest designs? Stay alert and keep reading.

Since 2008, Sockwell has been making the world's best socks and styles socks right here within the USA. The story of Sockwell is a constant commitment to creating the best quality products that allow others to feel great and supporting the wants of Chefs and restaurant workers.

Who Were the Founders?

Thomas Lee and Jim Markley are the brains behind Sockwell since its inception in 2008. Thomas Lee and Jim Markley first met in the mid-1990s, and over the following 13 years, they kept in touch. In 2007, Jim and Thomas converged, and that's when they developed the thought for Goodhew, a Chattanooga-based company that supported the necessity to craft the world's best socks.

In August 2010, Thomas lee and Jim Markley re-connected with Mercedes Marchand. They had both known her previously from the sock industry. Jim Markley and Mercedes Marchand had earlier on worked together at Smartwool, where Mercedes Marchand played a key role in developing the Smartwool lifestyle sock collection and was developing an idea for a therapeutic, solution-based socks elevated by style and color. Together with her lifelong passion for wellness, extensive experience in socks manufacturing, and a keen eye for design, it was absolutely clear to Thomas Lee and Jim Markley that Mercedes Marchands would be a useful addition expert to the Goodhew team. Later in 2010, Mercedes came on board.

When Was Sockwell Launched?

In 2011, Sockwell was launched by Goodhew, LLC. Goodhew paired Jim Markley's experience with Thomas Lee's extensive hosiery fabrication and manufacturing background. In September 2011, the company shipped its first Sockwell product.

In 2017, Goodhew rolled its products into the Sockwell brand as Sockwell Essentials to streamline the brand. In 2018, Sockwell debuted a new logo, a soothing color palette, and a cheery, helpful brand voice to ensure our brand identity aligns with our mission to assist people to feel better in vogue.

Sockwell has now designed new therapeutic socks with modern colors and style. The socks offer a spread of solutions, including sports compression, graduated compression, relaxed fit/diabetic-friendly, bunion relief, among others. Sockwell has not only created employment for a large number of Americans, but it has also greatly supported the American sheep farmers. Stockwell uses merino wool to manufacture socks, helping them create a marketplace for wool sheared from their merino.

How The Sock Would Help The Customer?

Sockwell cares about kindness, support and style. Socks designed with food service workers in mind, making great chef sock. At Sockwell, we use the finest Merino wool sourced right here from America. Our Merino, Lambswool and Alpaca blends are the ultimate in performance fiber, wicking away sweat to keep your foot and your shoes dry. Our blends also naturally help prevent bacteria growth, keeping your feet healthy. This helps prevent blisters, control odors, and regulate temperature for a great experience all-around. These socks for foodservice workers are ideal for those who are standing 8 to 16 hours daily

Chefs and restaurant workers can appreciate the value of such an invention.


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