Working in College #ServerLife

August 26 2016 – Robert Fiumara

Working In College

College is a pivotal part of your life. You get to see and experience a world of different things. Going to college is also a time where many end up having to get a job just to make ends meet and have a little extra spending money. But, how do you find the perfect job for a college student? Essentially, it isn't as complicated as you might think. One of the best jobs to have when going to college is being a server in a local restaurant. Don't think this is the right job for you? Check out the following reasons why it is the ideal position for many college students.

You Make Great Money

One of the best parts about working as a server is the fact that you make great money, especially if the restaurant is quite busy. Everyone needs money in college. Not only can you get paid every day, but you can help pay off your student loans in the process. It's a win-win situation all around.

You Learn Motivation

To make money and maximize your time, you have to be able to motivate yourself to give your tables the absolute best service you can. In doing so, you will end up making the most amount of tips possible. Being hospitable in the restaurant business will provide you with the rewards you seek and help you earn a nice amount of money along the way.

You Diversify Your Mind

Working in a restaurant opens the door to an assortment of different people. You can service people of different ages, cultures, needs and so much more. This is especially true for those who happened to live somewhere that didn't have a lot of diversity before going off to college. In diversifying yourself, you can broaden your mind and learn how to handle an assortment of different situations in the world around you.

Looks Great On A Resume

Almost any type of restaurant experience is going to show future employers that you are someone who is hardworking and driven. Waiting tables teaches you an assortment of skills, such as communication, teamwork, work ethics and many others. Employers are always looking for someone who has previous work experience. Working as a server allows you to give them just that. It will help set you apart from all of the other applicants looking for a job after graduating from college.

With there being so many different benefits, it makes sense why so many students turn to work in a restaurant to get through college. Give it a try and see just how fun and rewarding it can be. You never know what might happen along the way. 

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