7 Tips for Restaurant Uniforms in 2018

May 16 2018 – Robert Fiumara

Restaurant Uniform Tips

Here at Fiumara Apparel, we know uniforms are a big part of how a restaurant presents itself to its customers. They are also a great way to create a strong brand identity. Some establishments don’t have uniforms, opting for a more casual look. However, customers tend to see restaurant employees in uniform as more competent, polite, and trustworthy. Uniforms also make employees recognizable, giving customers the impression of better customer service visibility. Employees who wear uniforms have shown to be more aware of the brand they are representing and oftentimes conduct themselves in a more professional manner than those without uniforms. Here are a few tricks to picking uniforms that will represent a restaurant best and keep employees happy abound.

The Uniform Represents the Restaurant Brand

The atmosphere of the restaurant is a perfectly created entity emphasized by the combination of decor, music, food, and yes, the uniforms. The brand should be at the heart of the uniform design. If the restaurant prides itself on being a neighborhood cafe, the uniforms tend to be more casual. If the restaurant serves high priced cuts of meat and has cloth napkins, the uniforms are often more formal. The uniforms should match the restaurant. Depending on the nature of the establishment, fancy OR casual to match the brand will create a better experience for diners.

Don’t Forget the Logo Colors

Uniforms are brand marketing all on their own. A good uniform design will keep in mind the restaurant logo and find an appropriate way to connect it to the rest of the uniform. The colors should not juxtapose those of the logo. A formal restaurant will not want a giant logo on their servers’ chests, and likewise, a chain restaurant will want theirs highly visible.

Know Your Customers

A large part of uniforms in relation to branding is the understanding of what kind of customers the restaurant wants to attract and how to keep them coming back. In this way, the customers have a large say in what the employees wear. If customers find their attire inappropriate or jarring, it will have a negative effect on their dining experience and that restaurant could quickly become known as “the place with the ugly uniforms.” Keep in mind the branding and the style of dining to keep customers happy. Offer a free dessert after diners take a short survey to get their input on new uniform choices.

Dark Colors Wear Better

Work in a restaurant is messy, busy, and stressful. Drinks spill, food falls, and uniforms always get dirty. Keep employees looking professional throughout a shift by using dark tones. Dark colors such as navy, burgundy, black, and gray have a professional vibe and will conceal most stains from a busy service. They also allow bright logos to pop.

Vibrant Colors for Fun

The brighter the colors of a uniform, the more fun the atmosphere of a restaurant should be. Bars and theme restaurants can use a bright color to put their guests and employees in a good mood for the dining experience. Always remember to match the uniform to the mood.

Employee Comfort

Restaurant employees work hard. Their uniforms shouldn’t make their jobs even harder. Making sure the uniforms are a comfortable material will go far in keeping employees happy at work. Asking them to wear uncomfortable shoes or clingy, sweaty uniforms could put them in a bad mood, which might ultimately transfer to the customer relationship. Keep everyone happy with good uniforms.

Kitchen vs Waitstaff

Keep in mind the differences in necessary uniforms for the front of house and back of house workers. In the kitchen, everyone should be wearing non-slip shoes. Their uniform styles are less important than that of the front of house, as the customers rarely see the kitchen, but they still represent the restaurant. While comfort and safety are crucial, their appearance still matters.

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