7 Restaurant Trends Becoming Even More Popular In 2018

May 30 2018 – Robert Fiumara

7 Restaurant Trends Becoming Even More Popular In 2018 

The restaurant business has a lot to adapt to in this day and age. Technology has an effect on every single industry, and the restaurant business is no exception. With the digital world at their fingertips, people have more knowledge, less time, and more awareness of the world around them. The restaurant industry is listening to the way people are thinking and behaving. This year the restaurant business is opening up to some new directions. 

  • Waste Conscious Dining - The growing awareness of the waste we all can make has created a trend of waste-conscious dining. Restaurants will focus on producing less waste in their packaging, preparation, and creation of food. Restaurants that wish to be a bit greener have begun a movement of composting, donating unused food, recycling, and cutting down on unnecessary utensils. 
  • Technology Operations - Fast food restaurants are leading the way with fully automated kiosks for ordering. While humans are still preparing the food, computers have taken over the bulk of the ordering. This trend will be happening everywhere this year due to the money it saves for restaurants and the speed it adds to the fast food process. Don’t expect to see this in every restaurant, but those that pride themselves on speedy grub will be introducing their new server: technology. 
  • Location Based - Restaurants are riding the green trend and becoming more aware of where they source their food. There will be an emphasis on locally sourced food in the coming year. Restaurants will also be paying more attention to where their customers come from. Location-based marketing will be coming up this year as well with apps and online tools for restaurants to target potential customers that are close by. 
  • Instagrammable Food and Drinks - The trend of Insta-worthy food and drink spreads will continue this year. Restaurants will be striving to create the most mesmerizing cocktail or the entree that just demands to capture and share. These dishes and drinks will have a little extra something, whether it is carefully curated colors, smoke, fire, or just about anything makes a customer want to take a snapshot. Creativity abounds when technology fuels the plating. 
  • Delivery Services Expanded - With apps like UberEATS and Deliveroo changing the game for fast food delivery almost anywhere, restaurants will start catering more to at-home customers. This will also extend to the delivery food prep industry with many companies creating recipes, complete with ingredients delivered right to the door of their customers. Going out to a restaurant will still be a regular occurrence but staying in for delivery will be just as common. 
  • Vegan and Eco Options – Veganism was on the rise for the past few years. People are becoming more aware to the dangers of the planet, and the part our food plays in that scenario. More and more people are becoming vegan daily. More restaurants will be offering vegan options in general. The biggest trend will be in more fully vegan restaurants coming up as well. Vegan cuisine is no longer just tasteless vegetables and quinoa. People are discovering and creating delicious plant-based options for most classic food cravings. 
  • Customization - Restaurants will be continuing the trend of creating menus that are almost completely customizable by their consumers. This is an excellent business plan as a customer can’t complain that they don’t like a meal that they created themselves. This is already happening in the fast food industry with the help of the automated kiosks, but it will become a more widespread practice within the year. 
  • Millennial Focused – The middle-aged millennial generation is now making more money. This age group, between 20-37 are known for eating out and appreciating good food and restaurants. They also happened to spend more money on a per capita basis than any other generation on outside food. Restaurants are finding ways to market to this generation in a more aggressive way and this trend will continue this year and into the near future. 

Trends are often a reflection of the society in which they appear. Technology has a direct or indirect influence on all of the upcoming trends in the restaurant world. Some are for the greater good and some are for convenience. The real test is seeing which of these trends stick around to next year. 

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