3 Reasons to Wear Appropriate Kitchen Footwear

October 22 2018 – Robert Fiumara

How Your Shoes Can Help You in the Kitchen 

A successful chef dresses the part, from the tip of the famous white chef’s hat to the soles of the – probably worn-out – shoes. Many who aren’t in the industry find it shocking that it’s not always passion or talent that makes a top chef, but the foot support he or she uses to navigate 14-hour days in the kitchen. Those who have spent time in the chef trenches, however, know the unparalleled magnitude a pair of shoes can have on the job. If you still aren’t convinced of the gravity your footwear has as a chef, here are three more reasons to tread wisely when you choose your shoes. 

Avoid Serious Slip and Fall Accidents 

    According to the National Flooring Safety Institute (NFSI), slip and fall accidents send more than one million people to the emergency room each year. Falls in the workplace are the number one cause of missed days at work. The most serious injuries that can stem from slip and falls are bone fractures (often to the hips and wrists), traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. One of the best ways to prevent slip and fall accidents at work is to wear the right type of shoes. 

    Footwear is paramount when it comes to safety in a kitchen setting. Grease, spilled liquids, and vegetable debris can litter a chef’s floor at any time, presenting major slip and fall hazards. Kitchens are often tight spaces without extra room to maneuver around walkway hazards. Slip-resistant chef shoes are critical to preventing falls while chefs are busy preparing food and waiters rush in and out of the kitchen to serve customers. As a chef and/or an employer, preventing slip and fall accidents is part of your job-related responsibilities. Do so with the right non-slip shoes. 

    Support Your Knees, Neck, and Back 

      Being a chef is an extremely demanding career. The average chef works long hours, such as 12-hour shifts five days a week. Chefs spend the vast majority of their workdays standing and walking. Cooking can take a toll on the body, but adequate support from footwear can work wonders. Wearing shoes that offer ergonomic support for the whole body while standing and walking for hours on end can make all the difference in how you feel after your shift ends. 

      The right chef shoes have the power to improve your comfort and health. Take your time when choosing the most comfortable fit for your long workdays, testing out shoes before you buy whenever possible. Once you find a brand that makes you feel like you’re walking on air during your shift, stick with it! 

      Increase Overall Staff Safety 

        Slip and falls aren’t the only type of accidents the right shoes can prevent. The kitchen is replete with work-related hazards, from burns and scalds to dropped knives and lacerations. Wearing protective shoes that adequately cover the entire foot is the only way to reduce a chef’s risk of numerous kitchen-related injuries. Protective footwear gives chefs and kitchen staff members extra defense for personal safety, even in the face of puddles, fires, falling objects, and sharp knives. 

        Find Your Perfect Chef Shoes at Fiumara Apparel 

        The kitchen is a fast-paced and potentially dangerous place. A “simple” thing like the kind of shoe employees wear may not seem like a big deal, but in reality, footwear can mean the difference between an injury and a comfortable day at work. Effective kitchen shoes are in the best interest of employees and employers alike. You and your staff absolutely must wear the right type of shoes at work. Anything less than the best and you’ll have a recipe for disaster, not dinner. Shop shoes at Fiumara Apparel for your choice of the highest quality, proven chef shoes on the market.



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