Fair Foods: Summer Treats for the Whole Family

July 13 2016 – Robert Fiumara

Fair Foods: Summer Treats for the Whole Family

With summer in full swing, carnivals and county fairs are popping up all over the place. It won't be long before you see one in a town near you. One of the things that everyone loves about these county fairs is the delicious fried foods. They are truly a treat to behold. But, what if you could make some of these delicious treats at home on your own to enjoy throughout the year? Well, now you can. Check out some of these classic goodies often found at fairs below and see if you can make them for yourself this year.

Funnel Cakes

Who doesn't love the sugary goodness of a tasty funnel cake? You can enjoy them plain, with powdered sugar, regular sugar, honey, jam or whatever your heart desires. They are one of the age-old staples at county fairs all over the country. Adults and children alike love eating them. They are one of the best cures for any sweet tooth. Making them at home is far simpler than you might realize. In just a few short steps, you can be enjoying a tasty funnel cake at home without ever having to wait for the fair to come to town.

Corn Dogs

Many people enjoy a tasty corn dog when they go to the county fair. These treats are ideal, especially for children who are looking for something filling to eat. Fried corn dogs are super simple to make and even easier to eat. You hold onto the stick and eat away, making them great for little hands who need something small to hold onto. Anyone who likes hot dogs will love these tasty entrees. Dip your corn dogs into ketchup, mustard or any other dipping sauce you choose. The possibilities are endless.

Fried Pickles

If you love pickles, you have to try some fried pickles. They put a new spin on a timeless food that people have enjoyed for quite some time. You can enjoy eating fried pickles alone or along with your favorite meal. Typically, you don't need any special dipping sauce with these treats as the blend of pickle juices and the deep fried coating make this one of the best treats for pickle lovers everywhere.


Another great treat that many enjoy at county fairs is churros. These are another sweet treat that you have to try for yourself. Anyone looking for something simple to make that is easy to eat and pick up should definitely consider trying some churros. You don't know what you are missing until you have had the chance to check them out and enjoy them on your own.

Regardless of what type of foods you might love taking in at the local county fair, you are sure to find a recipe that is going to leave you longing for more. You no longer have to wait for the county fair to arrive because you can find the perfect recipe to make the same foods at home for you to enjoy year-round. 

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