Appetizer Ideas for Summer 2019

July 02 2019 – Robert Fiumara

Looking for New Summer Appetizer Ideas?

Are you looking for ways to adapt your menu for the summer? Your usual lineup may satisfy during milder weather, but it’s crucial for every restaurant to have a few special summer offerings for customers to enjoy. This summer, why not add a few simple yet delicious summer appetizers to your menu?

Create a Summer Salsa That's Unique to Your Restaurant

Salsa is incredibly popular, and it fits into more types of cuisine than just Latin American food. A vibrant, delicious salsa made fresh each day is a low-cost, attractive appetizer to add to any menu. Pair it with tortilla chips as usual or sliced flatbread, or create your own spin on crispy chips for dipping. Almost any restaurant can incorporate fresh salsa into an appetizer menu. Add your own twist with a fruit salsa using pineapple, peaches, mangoes, or kick up the heat with habanero peppers and sweet chilis. Once you find your unique recipe, offer customers an appropriate wine pairing. Dry Riesling, Zinfandel, and Sauvignon Blanc are a few great pairings for different types of salsa.    

Consider a Scrumpet

Scrumpets are classic, simple, but delicious starters that include deep-fried bits of veal, mutton, or lamb. You have flexibility when it comes to the coating, dipping sauces, and garnishes, so take time to develop the perfect scrumpet starter for your restaurant. A summer scrumpet dish will pair brilliantly with a dry oloroso sherry.

Get Creative With Samosas

Samosas are a staple of Indian cuisine, and although the basic recipe has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years, there is still plenty of room for you to make delicious and unique summer samosas for your customers. Fill samosas with a delicious blend of savory meats, potatoes, and vegetables, and think of ways to make a unique chutney to accompany the starter, perhaps incorporating summer fruits like peaches or mangoes. Samosas pair perfectly with Sauvignon Blanc.

Skewer Something on a Stick

There is something familiar and pleasantly primitive about eating roasted foods off a stick, and skewered starters can add flair to any table spread. Think of starters like grilled meat skewers with tasty dipping sauces, grilled kebabs, and vegetarian options. Skewer starters are perfect opportunities to offer customers a chance to mix-and-match or try several varieties in one sitting, and the possibilities are endless. Offer to pair skewer starters with a silky-smooth cabernet.

Go Vegan With Sliders

Summer sliders made of vegan ingredients can be the perfect starter addition to any restaurant’s menu, and they may even make a great main course for some customers. A few vegan slider options include chickpea salad, black bean patties, or pulled jackfruit that mimics the taste and look of pulled pork. Vegan sliders pair very well with a rose.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started on crafting the perfect summer menu for your restaurant. Appetizers are a fantastic addition to any menu, and they don’t usually entail the same overhead cost as adding main courses, so you have room to experiment. Start developing your summer appetizer menu and contact Fiumara Apparel to learn more about how we can help outfit your kitchen staff in top-of-the-line service industry attire.

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