How Much Do Celebrity Chefs Have To Do With The Success of Their Restaurants?

August 17 2013 – Robert Fiumara

This is the era of the television culinary icon. Professional chefs like Bobby Flay, Guy Fierri, and Giada De Laurentiis have become household names. Almost all of them have opened at least one restaurant of their own. With the busy schedule of most celebrity chefs, the amount of time actually spent in the restaurant and in the kitchen of his multiple restaurants is very little.


When consumers dine at the restaurants of these mega chefs they imagine that behind those kitchen doors, they are getting food prepared by the top echelon of culinary fame. The fact of the matter is that it is highly unlikely that those stars have set foot in the restaurant for months before and after. 


So the question is then, what is it about those restaurants that make them so popular? Is it just the attachment of their name?  Or is it something more?  Obviously these chefs have input into the look of their restaurant, the style, and of course, the menu.  However, it’s the executive chefs and the sous chefs and other kitchen staff that actually create the meals.


When diners consider their experience at a restaurant, they will typically take into consideration three elements: The food, the atmosphere, and the service. Included closely after those three is the element of status attached to any particular dining establishment.  While Fiumara Apparel has little to do with food preparation, or service, we specialize in offering the highest quality in culinary apparel for kitchen staff and front of house staff.


We know what it takes to make restaurant employees look fashionable and presentable.  Some say it is the atmosphere, second to the food, that helps create that element of allure that keeps diners returning to those celebrity chef restaurants. Fiumara Apparel knows how to help create an atmosphere by making sure that your staff is dressed to impress. Let Fiumara Apparel help you give your restaurant that certain something. Check out our latest offerings.

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