Restaurants Make it to Reality Television

July 18 2013 – Robert Fiumara

Recently, reality television has started to turn toward the culinary industry; primarily, the restaurant business.  With shows like Restaurant Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine and Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Gordon Ramsay, the focus of these shows is on restaurants failing for various different reasons.  The celebrity chefs take on the task of turning the restaurant around by pointing out and helping to fix the major flaws in a limited period of and with a limited budget.


Most commonly, the reasons behind a poorly running restaurant are poor cleanliness standards, a lack of restaurant experience or just plain abstinence.  In both shows, the successful restaurateurs take time to review the restaurants décor and style and by the end of the one hour shows, the restaurant in question has been given both and internal and external facelift.  The end result shots of the owners and their friends and family are ones of awe and gratitude.  Most of the time there are tears and every time there are hugs, handshakes, and expressions of thanks.


As these culinary moguls review the failing restaurants they are speaking to their crew and to the camera about the reasons that certain elements are important.  Particularly when talking about the décor and the serving staff. There are episodes in particular, where the wait staff does not have any uniform to speak of and the owners haven’t made any request to have the staff wear something from their closet that is similar so that customers will be able to differentiate them from the other diners. This is a big no, no especially since this is also the first impression that diners get about the restaurant.


There are, of course exceptions to every rule.  There are small mom and pop diners where the food is so good and the staff so small that the need for any kind of formal uniform is unnecessary, but they are the exceptions. For most restaurants, one of the keys to success is their image and the way in which they present themselves.  We here at Fiumara Apparel know this and appreciate how hard you work to create a unique brand. This is why we offer a wide variety of front of house uniforms that will help your host/hostess and service staff look sharp and professional, giving your restaurant a great first, second and third impression. We have worked hard to develop great relationships with some of the top culinary apparel manufacturers in the world and we want to pass that advantage on to you. Check out our latest offerings.

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