Fashion is Just as Important as Function in Uniform Decisions

June 08 2013 – Robert Fiumara

Whether they are for the front of the house or the kitchen, fashion and function hold equal importance when selecting uniforms for your restaurant staff. A poorly chosen uniform can negatively impact your staff and your customers, while a well-chosen uniform can present an excellent impression to your guests and make it enjoyable for your employees to come to work.


You expect your employees to work hard. In order for them to complete their duties efficiently, it’s important that they are comfortable.  No one is at the top of their game when they are too busy worrying about the collar that’s choking them or the fact that they are overheating in a uniform that is too heavy and doesn’t breathe.


Happy employees take pride in their work and in their restaurant. It’s hard to feel proud of your restaurant if you’re dressed in an outfit that makes it look more like they work in a circus than in a high quality restaurant. A poorly chosen uniform can make it hard for your employees to be taken seriously. A properly chosen, professional uniform can instill a sense of pride in your employees.


Comfort is certainly an aspect to take into consideration when selecting a uniform, but allowing your employees to wear every day street clothes may not be the best option as you want to create a sense of separateness from your guests.  You want your guests to be able to tell right away who is an employee and who is a fellow customer.


The type of uniform you choose for your employees can effect everything from the quality of service to the amount your servers are tipped, even down to the price of the items your customers order from the menus.  When your servers are dressed professionally and comfortably, customers feel more confident in their recommendations and lets them upsell from your menu.  Likewise, when your kitchen staff is dress professionally, it is clearer to any customer that sees them that your restaurant offers only the finest quality food.  Uniform selection is very serious business.


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