Culinary Professionals Show Their Support For Helping The Hungry

November 27 2012 – Robert Fiumara

 With the holidays upon us and the recent devastation of hurricane Sandy still fresh in our minds, the call for charity and aid is louder than ever.  Organizations like the Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations are always looking for assistance and donations to help ease the strain on families dealing with putting their lives back together.

There has also been a recent call to action for a more long term solution for our nation’s children.  The rate of poverty in the US is at a high that has not been seen since the end of the depression.  It is because of this that more and more children are going hungry right in our own borders.  Recent studies have shown a correlation between nutrition and academic performance so schools are working harder to provide full, nutritious meals and school breakfast and lunch programs so that students don’t have to worry about being hungry while they learn.  Kids can focus on their education and just being kids.  These programs, which are a team effort between public schools and local food banks also do their best to make sure these children don’t have to worry about where they will get food over the weekend or long breaks.

One organization in particular that has been making a huge impression due, in part, to their successful partnership with the Food Network.  No Kid Hungry: Share Our Strength is an organization that focuses on connecting kids in need with nutritious food as well as educating their families on how to healthy and affordable meals. Celebrity chefs are coming together to put their time and skill and, of course, their celebrity status to work to make sure that ending childhood hunger and national poverty is a priority.

We here at Fiumara Apparel believe in and understand the importance of ending childhood hunger and we know that the holiday season brings the need for something to be done even further into the light.  Fiumara Apparel is more than just a great place to get the highest quality culinary apparel at affordable prices. We are also a company that cares and gives back wherever we can. We do our best to lead by example and we encourage all of our clients to do the same.

If you would like to learn more about the No Kid Hungry campaign or if you’re interested in helping out in your own community, visit to help put an end to childhood hunger.

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