Welsh Food Month

October 01 2012 – Robert Fiumara

 Though there is nothing official to announce it, September has become “Food Month” for Wales.  Kicking off in the month of September and bleeding into the remainder of the year Wales becomes host to a record 91 food based festivals.  Wales has long made an attempt to maintain their relevancy in the culinary community and the phenomenon has continued to grow.

Other than an impressive array of festivals, showcases of little known foods and food styles are being promoted.  Halal style cooking is one of those that is making a very popular splash.  Halal is a method of cooking that stays within the Muslim religion.  It is similar to Kosher style cooking.  Local grocery chains and restaurants are making a point to include and advertise 100% Halal food available.  Many non-Muslim diners find Halal cooking to taste “fresher” so the popularity of Halal food is far reaching.

Another interesting aspect of Welsh “Food Month” is that there are periodic challenges that are given to amateur chefs and food bloggers.  One such challenge that was issued was to complete a shift in a busy professional kitchen.


One writer, Kathryn Williams, dons a set of chef whites and steps into a professional kitchen just hoping to be able to keep up.   Between the heat, the fans and the fast paced movement of everyone around her the pressure she feels at being responsible for two dishes of the night, Williams describes the exhaustion she felt and the admiration at facing only a small portion of what professional chefs face every day.

One of the challenges she discusses is the heat of a professional kitchen combined with standing over a hot stove top while wearing heavy chef whites.   It’s that combination of factors that have lead current culinary apparel specialists to create culinary apparel that is both fashionable and at the height of functionality.  With lightweight and durable materials the newest designs for culinary apparel encompass style as well as comfort.

To read more about Kathryn’s experience find the full article here: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/need-to-read/2012/09/27/i-was-thrown-in-masterchef-style-into-a-professional-kitchen-91466-31912946/

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