More Tips on Selecting the Perfect Chef Uniform

October 01 2015 – Robert Fiumara

More Tips on Selecting the Perfect Chef Uniform

Working in a restaurant can be a fun and rewarding experience; you gain valuable skills, meet friendly faces, and form bonds with coworkers that become something important to your life. However, it can be a demanding and tough experience as well with difficult schedules, fast-paced environments, and inconsiderate customers or employees. That’s why it’s important to find a uniform that keeps you cool and comfortable for when the heat is on. When looking for the perfect uniform that fits you and what you need, here are some ideas to consider.

First, consider your shift in the kitchen; it is a busy, closed quarter, hot environment with many bodies typically shuffling around each other. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to study the materials that culinary clothing is made of. Different types of blends and thicknesses are available, providing softer or more durable styles, colors, or stitching. Do you need something that breathes easily? Are you looking for something that is more form-fitting? With the heat blasting you the entire shift, are vents a feature that you want to include?

These questions aren’t only limited to classic items like chef coats, either. Chef’s pants are just as an essential part of the ensemble as the coats or shirts. Are you looking for professional, or functional? Heavier material or lighter, more breathable material? Looser fitting, or form fitting?

To add an extra aspect to the mix, consider another layer by using an apron. Moving fast? You’ll probably want a waist apron that offers easier maneuverability over the bistro apron that will offer more coverage of your uniform. Need pockets for storage? Don’t pick the one with one or no pockets.

Of course, not all stations and kitchens are the same, so some of the features to consider aren’t universal across all workplaces. Things like color, single versus double-breasted, shoe style, and other pieces of apparel all mix to combine into the perfect uniform for you.

Lastly, don’t discount the importance of a good pair of shoes. Arch support, specialized soles, and open versus closed backs contribute to how your feet feel after a long shift running through the chaos of a kitchen. Many brands from many countries exist, ranging from Italy to France to Canada, so take your time in selecting the right pair, and be patient and break them in.

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