Food Trucks: Tips for Building a Successful Business

August 18 2015 – Meghan Ferrin

Food trucks are the latest culinary craze sweeping the nation and while you might think it’s as simple as perfecting your favorite family recipe, there are other steps you can take to ensure the success of your new venture!

First off, keep in mind that food trucks are like any other restaurant and marketing should be a big priority. The best ways to market in today’s world are, conveniently, free! Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great ways for you to get your food truck business out into the public eye. While social media can be a great tool for any restaurant, they do require a lot of monitoring and creativity to keep your audience engaged and curious.

Remember that creating multiple revenue streams is key for a successful new food venture. Instead of only serving lunch, try your hand at serving a variety of all three meals. Offer catering for large parties and your very own branding merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and aprons can also spur revenue to your food truck. There are many ways for you to add to your business profit: cookbooks and wholesale product lines being just a few. You can also work your way toward opening your own brick and mortar store, based on your food truck brand.

Be prepared to change the way you operate based on your sales numbers. If you’re not making enough money in one location, scout out new locations where you might receive more foot traffic. If you’re having trouble with making a profit on certain days or during certain hours, you’ll need to make adjustments and possibly change your operating hours completely. While you might think that other food trucks are only competition (and while that can be true), consumers are more likely to food truck hop so being in a location with multiple food trucks can actually be a plus for your own brand.

Don’t be afraid or intimidated to network with other food truck owners and chefs! Networking is a great way to build your brand, get business referrals, and invitations to events around your city. Building partnerships with people who have an influence on your community can only help your food truck business and in the long run, a partnership is a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

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