Kitchen Tools to Buy at the Hardware Store

May 08 2015 – Robert Fiumara

We all know that kitchen tools can be quite expensive. After all, the tools used in the culinary field are often specific to the trade and made from high-quality materials. But did you know that some of the most common kitchen tools could be purchased for less at your local hardware store? Let’s take a look on ways you can save money!


If you’re an avid baker then you know that pastry brushes are extremely important to your trade. Grab a paintbrush with soft bristles that will double as a lovely pastry brush and one that is as high quality as the kind you can find in specialty shops. If you’re more of a fan of grilling out than you are of sweets, you can also grab a rubber mallet at the hardware store, using it to tenderize your meat! As always, remember to cover the meat with a thin layer of plastic wrap before using the meat tenderizer.


You might have heard of chefs using professional kitchen torches on dishes such as crème brulee or to add a nice brown finish to fruits. The problem with these torches is that they’re tiny and expensive. Luckily, you can get a larger torch from any hardware store and it will be much more efficient, especially for amateur chefs. Remember to take all necessary safety precautions when using the torch on a variety of dishes including custard, flan, and meringue.


While you might be wondering what a pair of needle nose pliers could possibly be used for in the kitchen, they are perfectly useful for any delicate work that needs to be done on a variety of dishes. They’re also great for chefs that need to cut fresh herbs! Another really common kitchen tool that almost every chef is in need of are kitchen shears. You can find a quality set of garden shears that can be used in your kitchen to butcher chickens, trim vegetables, and cut up dried fruit – any heavy-duty pair of shears will work so they don’t necessarily need to be garden shears.


You might wonder if pan size is really an important thing, as specified in many recipes (especially cakes and pies), and it is! Pan size can affect cooking time and can make your dish cook faster or slower than intended if you’re using the incorrect size. Solve that problem by picking up a measuring tape to keep in your kitchen. Whenever you’re wondering if your pan is the right size, simply whip the measuring tape of your chef coat pocket and measure to ensure proper cooking time!


You can also substitute kitchen twine for regular twine found at the hardware store while palette knives can double as spatulas. You can’t, however, find high-quality chef and restaurant uniforms at the hardware store... but Fiumara Apparel has you covered! With our stylish and affordable options, we have all you need to outfit yourself and your staff, presenting a professional appearance to your patrons. You’ll be confident when ordering knowing that you’re backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and our extraordinary customer service. So, if you’re looking for chef apparel including aprons, shoes, and headwear, look no further than Fiumara Apparel!



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