Culinary Cruises: Take a Tour of Europe

May 01 2015 – Robert Fiumara

If you love to travel and love to cook, you can now combine two of your passions into one globetrotting adventure!  Oceania Cruises has just announced an expansion to its travel offerings with a cruise to a handful of European cities.  Each cruise will feature a different award winning chef instructor who will teach passengers about local cuisine that they can cook and taste on their trip! 


Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Enrichment for Oceania Cruises, Kathryn Kelly, hopes that guests will enjoy the unique experience of different cultures through cooking and food.  The cruise line, based in Miami, Florida will feature a variety of cities including Barcelona, Spain and Marseille, France.  Guests will have the opportunity to spend time in the kitchen with local chefs and experts while learning about different regional items and recipes. 


In Barcelona, guests can take advantage of the Chef’s Gastronomy Tour and Tapas Lunch, which also includes a tour of a popular Barcelona food market.  Cruisers will also visit a popular pastry shop to pick up sweet treats to enjoy on the ship later in the evening.  In Marseille, cruisers can look forward to a market tour and sampling local items while learning how to prepare a regional recipe, while immersing themselves in the cuisine of Provence.  Additional excursions will be available in Antibes, France, Catania, Italy, and Heraklion, Greece.  The Culinary Discovery Tours, as they are called, vary in length, ticket price, and location but will always feature a tour of the culinary region, cooking classes, and special tastings of local food and drink items.


Oceania will also hold nearly two-dozen new cooking classes in its state of the art culinary centers, on board two distinct ships!  Included in the price of room and board will be specialty classes on an array of international destinations.  Guests will have the honor of cooking under chef’s who are CIA graduates and some of the world’s most renowned chef’s!  Featured during the cruise is a unique team competition where guests will learn basic techniques.  Cruisers are also able to learn how to cook a variety of regional cuisines as well during the culinary immersion program. 


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