Trend Alert: Tiny Cooking Videos

April 24 2015 – Robert Fiumara

It’s no surprise that culinary themed videos are hot on YouTube!  From cooking lessons and tips to videos that showcase specialty meals and occasions, cooking videos are becoming a burgeoning trend online.  Now, a popular addition to the cooking video genre has arrived, in the form of teeny, tiny cooking videos! 


The tiny food trend, or ‘Kawaii’ (Japanese for cute) originated in Japan but quickly arrived in America and has picked up pace in the last year, becoming one of the most popular features online.  The best videos feature people cooking tiny versions of adult-sized food like pancakes or burritos, for hamsters, guinea pigs, hedgehogs or other tiny creatures.  If that’s not cute enough for you, many of the chef’s used scaled down tiny versions of popular cooking tools –many of which are available to purchase as collectibles! 


In February of 2015, views for ‘tiny cooking’ and other related keywords rose to an astounding 456,572!  While there are tons of tiny cooking stars all across the Internet, MiniatureSpace reigns supreme as the leader, racking up almost 6 million views since January.  Featuring a miniature built to scale kitchen, MiniatureSpace prepares and films their meals including their most popular video ‘Mini Food Pancake’. 


If you’re looking for videos with a little more love involved, look no further than videos featuring miniature foods being eaten by fuzzy and loveable pets!  Generating over 24 million views, videos featuring hamsters eating tiny foods including an entire Thanksgiving dinner spread!  The most popular video in this genre featured a hamster eating a tiny burrito off of a poker chip plate!  The chef’s in these videos need no hat or apron as the only thing showed are their hands and fingers! 


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