Kitchen Tools That Keep You Healthy

April 20 2015 – Robert Fiumara

Kitchen Tools That Keep You Healthy

We all know that keeping healthy is a hard task!  You can make it easier on yourself by stocking your kitchen full of fresh fruits and vegetables.  But did you also know that the kitchen tools you have on hand could also help to keep you and your family healthy?  Let’s take a look at some common tools that will make meal prep and eating healthy become an easy lifestyle to maintain.

First up is something that you might already have:  a high-speed blender.  A quality blender can really change your life and with all the options on the market, there’s sure to be one available that fits your budget.  If you want the top of the line, the Vitamix blender is one of the best on the market but it’s also expensive.  If you’re looking for something a little smaller and a little more affordable, the Ninja blender is a good alternative to the Vitamix.  These blenders function as much more than just a great way to make a milkshake:  they can make sauces like salad dressing and create soups that are free from preservatives.  These blenders can also make smoothies and help you maintain a vegan lifestyle by whipping up nut butters and dairy-free whipped cream.

Second, make sure you’re stocking a quality food processor.  Food processors can make meal prep so much easier by saving you time when you have to chop things like onions, garlic, or herbs.  They’re also great for dishes where you need a uniform size like salsa where you don’t want huge chunks of vegetables.  Food processors tend to require less stirring of ingredients than a blender and they come in all sizes.  If you do a lot of homemade cooking of things like hummus, salsa, or energy bars; splurge and buy a bigger size.

You probably already have a set of knives in your kitchen but investing in a ceramic chef’s knife can really make a difference.  Ceramic knives won’t cause your vegetables or fruits to oxidize when you cut into them like metal knives will.  Make sure you choose a knife that has a flat edge for even more control and precision cuts.  These knives are great for cutting up fresh greens for salads and for dicing and slicing fresh fruits and veggies for refrigeration.

Next up is something you might not have!  A stockpot is a must have for just about any dish you can create.  From soups and stews to heating up water, tea, or coffee; a stockpot is extremely versatile.  You can also use a stockpot to heat up leftovers, make oatmeal or other breakfast foods, and can cook just about anything you can think of.  A quality stockpot is one that’s not coated in aluminum and will hold up well over time. It might be an initial investment but it will be worth it well into the future!

Finally, a great set of wooden spoons and spatulas will make your kitchen a lot healthier!  Inexpensive, wooden spoons don’t retain heat like metals ones and don’t melt like the cheap plastic versions.  They also will ensure that you’re not adding a metallic taste to your food and they’re easily stored (and look fabulous) on display in your kitchen.  You just need to make sure you wash, rinse, and dry them right after use so they don’t harbor odors or bacteria.

These kitchen tools will keep you healthier and hopefully inspire your inner chef as you cook and prepare meals at home!  If you’re looking for your own versatile and affordable restaurant clothing, Fiumara Apparel has all you need.  From chef coats and shoes to front of house wear, we have all you need to create a great look for your restaurant or staff!

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