Taking a Culinary Vacation

April 09 2015 – Robert Fiumara


If you’re thinking about taking a vacation this year but don’t want to resort to the same old, same old; check out the possibility of a culinary vacation!  You might be hesitant to try new and exotic foods in different countries but we have some simple tips for you to be adventurous while staying in your culinary comfort zone!


The first rule of culinary travel is not to be afraid to ask the residents for recommendations!  After all, who better knows the area than the people who live and work there?  You can get great, authentic suggestions that you might not hear of otherwise and most locals love to give their favorite chef’s and restaurants new business.  You can also check out social media apps like yelp.com or other similar apps for specific ratings and restaurant information like prices, hours, and dress codes.  If you’re really lucky, you new local friends might even invite you to have an authentic meal in their home!


You can also try new recipes in your own home before you venture off on your own!  Looking up popular recipes of your host nation and try local restaurants that offer the same type of cuisine.  You can even ask coworkers or family to come over and help you prepare the meals and test them out.  Getting a taste for the different flavors before you experience them will challenge your palette to try different things while you’re traveling.  If you want to go a step further, try taking a cooking class on your select culture. 


Don’t let the recipes or restaurants you try in your hometown dissuade you from attempting some regional fare.  It’s very likely that recipes will taste different in their country of origin due to locally sourced ingredients and the different tasting vegetables and fruits from around the world.  Many of our foods are imported from around the world so trying them from their origination will be an exciting and rewarding treat! 


If you want to try complicated and exotic dishes while traveling, feel free, but don’t forget that simple, fresh food is often the best.  You certainly shouldn’t give up the opportunity to dine at five star rated restaurants but don’t skip street food carts or trying out local comfort foods or diners.  Research the top rated restaurants in town and make plans to visit several while you’re on vacation!  Don’t forget to tell your chef and wait staff how much you enjoyed their culinary creations!


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