New Reality Cooking Show Holding Auditions

January 02 2015 – Robert Fiumara

Are you a chef, home cook, or just think you have the skills to compete in a reality cooking show? You’re in luck. Auditions are being held for several new and returning reality cooking shows, filming and debuting in 2015.


MasterChef, which airs on the Fox Network, is holding open auditions for amateur culinary talent. Casting directors will visit New Orleans, San Diego, Atlanta, New York, Memphis and other major cities in search of contestants. MasterChef cooks will compete for a grand prize of $250,000 and a book deal. Non-professional cooks of all skill sets are welcome to join the tryouts that will be filmed and judged by Celebrity Chef Graham Allen.


A yet to be announced network is also joining the hunt for competitors in their new cooking show, whose name hasn’t been released. If you’re a home cook who has a family recipe that is the talk of the town at the yearly fair, you might want to audition. With no limitations on type of food or cuisine, the show is accepting contact info, a brief biography (including any accolades you’ve won for your specialty item), and photos of you and your dish.


If you’re looking for something a little different when it comes to reality cooking shows, why not audition to compete on The Food Network’s sixth season of Worst Cook in America. Hosted and judged by Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell, you’ll be competing to create the best meal against some of the worst chefs out there. The winner will take home a $25,000 prize… and perhaps a little more confidence. Competitors should want to learn how to cook and feel that learning from the best chefs out there is a worthwhile endeavor.


Alton Brown and Top Chef producers are bringing you the sixth season of favorite reality cooking show, Cutthroat Kitchen. If you’re a fan of the Food Network series and a culinary professional, you can compete against other top chefs. In a twist on the modern cooking reality show, competitors will be able to bid on items throughout the show and use them to sabotage their competition. You might get the opportunity to make a chef use nothing but a popcorn popper to cook their food or have all of their utensils and knives taken away. The winner will receive bragging rights and a $25,000 cash prize.


If you’re interested in applying to compete on any of these reality television cooking show, visit


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