Tips to Minimize Foodborne Illness

July 30 2014 – Robert Fiumara

In the restaurant business, nothing is more vital to the success of your restaurant than proper and healthy preparation of meals. A clean presentation not only leaves a good first impression on potential customers, it also encourages hygienic habits in the kitchen and on the service floor. These things are especially necessary in the modern world, because even one isolated incident of foodborne illness could leave you and your business with scathing reviews that could haunt you and your business’s reputation. Don’t worry though, we here at Fiumara Apparel have some simple tips to help you keep your kitchen in pristine shape.


Combating foodborne Illness is Easy and Necessary


To start, no matter what sort of food you’re preparing, you’ll want to use the right products and tools. Effective cleaning and sanitization of objects and surfaces in the foodservice environment reduces the chance of cross-contamination of food products substantially. Likewise, utilizing the proper preparation, cooking, and storing techniques, as well as holding patterns, insures that the food stays non-contaminated in each stage of its journey to the customer’s plate.


In this same vein, ensure that your staff uses the proper concentration of chemicals for cleaning. You can install various types of dispensing systems around your kitchen to provide a measure of dilution control. This in turn combats overuse, which saves you and your company money!


Next, you need to create and follow a schedule for cleaning food contact surfaces and check the temperatures on your foods regularly. Cross-contamination is the most common cause of foodborne illness and it is critically important that the surfaces you prepare foods on are maintained on a regular basis. Do not hesitate to clean any equipment, surface, or utensil that comes into contact with food during any stage of the meal’s preparation.  Pay attention to any potential “incidental” areas which food may come into contact with. For example, the interior of a microwave oven is considered a food contact surface by health regulators, as food that sticks to the sides or ceiling of the oven could drop or drip into other foods prepared in the microwave. Leave no stone unturned with your cleaning steps!
Finally, reinforce the above practices with training. Noncompliance with procedure is the most common reason that cross-contamination of foods occurs. As a result, it is incredibly important that employees are trained thoroughly and effectively in food preparation and equipment sanitation.


Employing These Tips Will Have You Well On Your Way


Every owner needs a spotless record when it comes to cases of foodborne illness. Combat negative reviews, and encourage positive perception of your restaurant with these simple cleanliness tips. You’ll find that these practices will prove vital in the success of your business.

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