The Importance of Staff Uniforms in the Dining Experience

May 09 2014 – Robert Fiumara

While the given look and feel of a restaurant is subject to many variables, there is no doubt that providing a consistent look, from atmosphere to staff, is vital to the success of any restaurant. Acknowledging that, maintaining a clean professional look that helps customers identify the wait staff and cooking staff is essential, as it not only builds the restaurant feel, but markets your service for you.


The Impact Of A Uniform On the Dining Experience Is Significant.


Now, it is important to ask yourself what sort of image you want to confer to your guests. While it’s true that in many restaurants a simple apron or hat may be adequate in achieving a particular image, at another it may require much more. From promotional buttons and aprons to polo shirts or particular shoes, there’s no limit to what you may use to distinguish yourself from other restaurants. It’s important to settle on a clean and concise look though, as it will dictate almost entirely how your staff is perceived.           


It doesn’t end there, however. Once you settle on a uniform, you have to define all appearance standards for your employees. This works for your business in two ways. The first is that it, like the uniform, will dictate how the culture of your restaurant is perceived. The second is that it will create uniformity and a sense of belonging in your employees. They’ll feel more at rest with one another, as will all be subject to the same clothing and performance standards.


In turn, the impact that the right uniform can have is in the quality of work that your employees provide. Research indicates that employees who have generally positive conceptions about their uniforms not only take more pride in their work, but will also be more productive. After all, who feels good about their work when they have to wear ill-fitting or grimy clothing?


How Will It Cultivate Your Restaurant Image?


Some things you may want to consider will include policies about visible tattoos, policies regarding hair coloring, and policies around general cleanliness and appearance. While a casual eatery may cultivate an atmosphere where visible forearm tattoos and irregular hair color is acceptable, more stringent restaurant atmosphere may want to avoid such presentation.


The choice, ultimately, is yours, as this will dictate customer confidence in you and your staff, and as a savvy restaurateur, you will want to keep all these points in mind when you look for the right uniform for your staff. Your very livelihood can and will depend on it.

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