A Look Into Your Custom Kitchen

March 20 2014 – Robert Fiumara

As technology progresses and the times change, people are becoming more and more interactive with one another.  Whether it’s uploading photos to facebook, sharing locations with friends via the internet, or sharing creative workspace with colleagues, people are more closely connected to one another than ever before.  While it may seem to some like just a trend, this increased connectivity is actually very much the way of the future. 


Don’t stop at watching what you eat, watch how it’s prepared


The simple fact of the matter is that increased connectivity and exposure brings people opportunities to test products for quality, and weed out what they don’t like.  This also allows more people then ever to know where the products and services they pay for are coming from, who produced them, and what really goes into whatever it is they might be buying. 


Yesterday’s kitchen, updated


Unfortunately, restaurants and cooks are behind the times when it comes to connectivity and truly sharing their craft.  Sure, every chef or line cook ultimately shares their craft with their customers.  The true point of this discussion however is that customers are increasingly looking for completely open and public production stories of the products and services that they spend their hard earned money on. 


Let them watch, a virtual participation


This is where food producers are lagging behind the rest of their creative colleagues.  Stuffed into a cramped and hot kitchen, the process of preparing a dish for a customer is almost completely obscured and hidden from the public eye.  This means, unfortunately, that most people don’t know where there food comes from and have no idea how it was created.  By allowing their customers an eye into their kitchen, chefs and cooks can make their customers truly a part of the process. 


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